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Online Courses

Join Philip Athans for two online courses from Writer's Digest University: Pulp Fiction is a four-week course where we'll each write a 6000-word short story in any pulp fiction genre: mystery/crime, science fiction, fantasy, romance, western, and more. Open to any writers looking to add a little excitement to their fiction! And the popular Worldbuilding for Fantasy and Science Fiction in which we get into some advanced tools to help bring your SF or fantasy worlds to life.

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Editorial Services

Now accepting projects from indie authors and small presses. Finished that book but need a fresh set of eyes? Ready to self-publish but need a copy edit? Athans & Associates can help you put your best foot forward whether you’re just putting out that one passion project or launching a new small press. Find out what a veteran editor can bring to your work, your career, and your peace of mind.

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NaNoWriMo Reviews

Send me your NaNoWriMo manuscript for a complete review. For only $500 I’ll help you focus on what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong across the board: characters, plot, action, description, atmosphere, grammar, and will offer advice on where and how to expand your 50,000 word manuscript into a full-length novel. Click here for more information!


Working with Philip was an absolute pleasure. He was always positive, happy and simply a great person to interact with on a daily basis. He managed his projects extremely professionally, but was never 'stuffy.' I would relish the opportunity to work with Philip again.

—Award-winning illustrator Todd Lockwood

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