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I don’t come from nor have I ever lived anywhere in particular

I was born in the suburbs of Rochester, New York. Before my fifth birthday we moved to the suburbs of Chicago. While the mean streets were chewing people up and spitting them out about thirty miles or so away, I lived in a completely uninteresting place full of generally uninteresting people going on about their uninteresting lives in completely uninteresting ways. My childhood was reasonably “normal.” There was no particular trauma.

There was no Crucible of the Streets for Phil.

I lived in a place that did nothing to shape me, so I had to go out and shape myself. And I chose to shape myself in the future. In space, or in a world of myth and legend. In imagination. In possibility. In danger. In worlds uncounted and unexplored.

I made my world out of stories, and never looked back.

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"…an ideal monster writing 101 guide and anyone who’s even considering looking into writing monsters in any format should read it. A wealth of information for the new writer and useful bits and pieces of good info to remind the grizzled old timer writers (like myself) of what writing monsters is all about."

Steven Dawes, Flamesrising.com

Edited for Wizards of the Coast, by best selling fantasy legend R.A. Salvatore.

"The world of publishing is growing more complicated, but also more interesting for those willing to think outside the box. I know I am, and having Phil Athans out there as a resource takes the scare out of it."

R.A. Salvatore

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